Sprinkler services in eagle, star, meridian and west boise

Fall System Blow-Out

In the fall, LawnZero will perform the required sprinkler system blow out.  We use a high capacity, low pressure air compressor to blow out all valves and the main line.   This insures your system does not sustain any freezing damage over the winter.  Sprinkler Blow Out in Meridian, Idaho.

Spring System Start-Up

In spring when the irrigation water is turned on, LawnZero will check each of your valve stations and individual sprinkler heads to make sure they are performing correctly.  LawnZero will also set up the sprinkler timer system.  Sprinkler Systems in Boise, Idaho.

Repairs / Replacement

LawnZero can handle all aspects of sprinkler repairs and installation from replacing a single head or valve to installing a completely new system. Sprinkler Repair in Meridian, Idaho.

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